24% of doctors in Catalonia have thought about leaving the profession

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He 24% of Catalan doctors They have considered leaving the profession due to the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on their physical and emotional health. Of this 24%, 2% have considered it seriously. This is revealed by a report prepared by the Galatea Foundation, the Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona (COMB) and the professors Núria Mas (IESE Business School) and Judit Vall (Instut d’Economia de Barcelona, ​​of the UB) and presented today.

The interim results of this report, which features a sample of 1,648 surveys, they point out that a 31.7% of primary school physicians they have considered leaving the profession. In addition, the study also indicates that 42% of professionals feel more tired & NegativeMediumSpace; and less prepared for a second wave of coronavirus (which is already taking place) and that they face more pessimism in the coming months.

Despite these data, the president of COMB, Jaume Padrós, highlighted that the bulk of the group maintains a firm commitment with the profession and with patients, despite the experiences lived since the outbreak of the pandemic.
The report also notes the worsening physical and mental health from doctors based on various indicators, such as how often they experience physical and emotional exhaustion, headaches, stomach pain, or back pain; as well as the ability to cope with problems.

The report compares the values ​​from before, during the first wave of covid-19, and during the summer. And in this comparison, it is observed that fatigue tripled during the months of March and May, and is still higher than the initial level, as stated Núria Mas. It also detects that there are certain groups that show worse health indicators, such as doctors who work in the primary care, those who worked in a intensive care unit (icu), in services of emergencies or those who decided autoconfinar during the harshest months of the pandemic to protect their family members.

Primary care

The approach of leaving the profession has been more frequent among GPs. 31.7% of them have considered it at some point, well above 21.3% of their colleagues in hospitals and 22.2% in other areas. 48.4% of primary care physicians also feel less prepared to face the remainder of the pandemic, compared to 44.5% of hospital professionals and 34.8% in other areas.

One of the most positive aspects of the study, according to the researchers, is the role of teams as protective elements of the health and well-being of doctors. Thus, professionals who work in teams where objectives are shared and where there is a “sense of belonging” they report better indicators of physical and emotional health than the rest, according to Judit Vall.

These professionals face less ethical conflicts and less stress in their daily activity, since decisions and problems are faced in a shared way. According to the survey, up to 31.2% of professionals who do not have the support of a “protective team” affirm that they frequently face ethical conflicts, a percentage that drops to 24.5% among professionals who are they feel integrated and supported by a team.

Padrós presented some recommendations made by the report, mainly that of “taking care of those who take care of us”, which he considers to be a key element to guarantee good citizen assistance. Specifically, the report calls for reforming the current health system to guarantee the protection of the health of professionals and to minimize risk factors favored by the system itself.


In addition, according to the COMB, in Catalonia they have died 14 doctors due to covid-19 since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In Catalonia, 13,437 people have already died from coronavirus.



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