21-12-2012 The prophecy of the Maya, the true one and the Canadian disaster film

2012 The Maya prophecy takes up in an adventurous and apocalyptic key a belief that scholars had already refuted before the famous 21 December 2012.

21-12-2012 – The prophecy of the Maya (2011) is a Canadian film by science fiction and adventure, based on a famous belief linked to the end of the world, already at the base of the disaster movie a blockbuster by Roland Emmerich 2012, released in 2009. Let’s recap what this was myth of the apocalypse and how it is treated in the first of the films mentioned.

December 21, 2012, the end of the world according to the Maya but also no

Although the link between the popolo Maya and the end of the world since seventies, popularizing the issue was a book published in 1995, “The Prophecies of the Maya. Discovering the secrets of a vanished civilization“, by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice M. Cotterell. Between 1975 and 1976, however, some fans and speakers of the New Age movement like Frank Waters and Terence McKenna had already begun to formulate theories about the famous 21 December 2012, on end of the world or on the actual beginning of thatEra of Aquarius, to which the famous song “Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In” in Hair from 1967.
To give rise to the obsession there was an “enigma” relating to aMayan epigraph on the so-called Monument 6 in Mexico, State of Tabasco, in Tortuguero, where there is talk of a “third creation“, destroyed by the dissatisfied gods in favor of a fourth attempt. The end of this third attempt coincided, according to the complex Mayan calendar, with the conclusion of the 13th b’ak’tun, non-recurring cycle of 144,000 days. Put more simply and translated into our calendar, the third creation would have ended around December 2012. Since the beginning of the debate, however, historians and scholars have refuted the apocalyptic prophecy, partly because the text is partially legible on the monument itself, partly because other findings of tablets refer to later periods.
And if that wasn’t enough of a rebuttal at the time, the fact that the world still survives into 2020 (more or less) should put an end to the matter … at least until the end of the next b’ak’tun!

21-12-2012 – The prophecy of the Maya, the plot: this is what the story of the film tells

2012 – The prophecy of the Maya is a film directed by Jason Bourque, starring AJ Buckley and Jewel Staite, produced in Canada. In history, following various cataclysms that have even made the Black Sea, proofreader Erick (Buckley) and Maya culture expert Brooke (Staite) investigate a manuscript which was working on the writer Rupert Crane, who died under mysterious circumstances. They will go on a journey in search of ancient mayan statues who would have the power to stop the end of the Earth as we know it. Unlike 2012 by Roland Emmerich, a great success with a box office of 790 million dollars for a cost of 200, this is a feature film with much lower ambitions, not even released on US territory: an ideal production to exorcise the end of the world while maybe you are busy cooking something.


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