2021 Ferrari to get rear end redesigned

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Last November, Simone Resta, after returning from a “business trip” to Hinwil, took over the chassis department of the Ferrari team and is now in charge of developing the 2021 car. According to him, despite all the difficulties, the working atmosphere is normal in Maranello, and contrary to all rumors, he has no disagreements with the team leader Mattia Binotto.

Last summer, it was Binotto who insisted on Resta’s return to Scuderia and entrusted him with a very responsible post. After a disastrous 2020 season by Ferrari standards in 2021, the team must rehabilitate itself. While the SF1000 was being developed, Simone was still working as the technical director of the Alfa Romeo team, but now he, together with other engineers, is solving the most difficult task of returning the Scuderia to its previous level of competitiveness.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that this season additional restrictions on the modernization of equipment were introduced – this is due to the need to reduce costs during a pandemic.

“We can freely refine the aerodynamics, but we must comply with the restrictions on the number of hours that we spend in the wind tunnel, doing research,” commented Simone Resta. – In addition, there are restrictions on the modification of components associated with the chassis. We are talking about a number of body parts, suspension, brakes and in general about everything that is related to the car, with the exception of the external components of the body.

We are allowed to spend two conditional points on chassis upgrades, i.e. we can work on the two most important areas of the machine. For example, a team may decide to build a new chassis because they want to place the radiators differently or change the weight distribution. Or I can spend one conditional point on new brakes, and the second point on redesigning the nose, but then I have to re-pass the mandatory crash tests.

If we talk about the car in 2021, then the team decided to remake its rear. We are redeveloping everything related to this area because we believe that this promises the greatest efficiency gains. “



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