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Biden: “I promise to be a president who seeks to unite, not divide & rdquor;

Joe Biden addressed the nation this Saturday from Wilmington, Delaware for the first time as president-elect of the United States. The Democrat has done so with a message focused on unity, on healing open and reopened wounds. These are some of the most outstanding phrases of his speech.

“The people of this nation have spoken. They have given us a clear victory. A convincing victory & rdquor ;.

“I promise to be a president who seeks to unite, not divide & rdquor ;.

“I sought the position to restore the soul of America, to rebuild the backbone of the nation: the middle class, to make America respected in the world again and to unite here at home. & Rdquor ;.

“I will be honored to serve with a fantastic Vice President, Kamala Harris, who will make history as the first woman, the first black woman, the first woman of South Asian descent, and the first daughter of immigrants ever elected to national office in this country. It was time. And today we remember everyone who fought so hard for so many years to make it happen. Once again, America has tilted the arc of the moral universe toward justice & rdquor ;.

“To those who voted for President Trump: I understand your disappointment tonight. I’ve lost a couple of elections myself. But let’s give each other a chance & rdquor;

“It’s time to bury the harsh rhetoric, to lower the temperature, to see each other again, to listen to each other again. To make progress we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy. We are not enemies. We are Americans & rdquor ;.

“This is the time to heal in America & rdquor;

“What is our mandate? Americans are not asking that we lead the forces of decency and justice, the forces of science and the forces of hope in the great battles of our time. The battle to control the virus, to build prosperity, to ensure family health care, to achieve social justice and banish systemic racism in this country, to save the climate, to restore decency, to defend democracy and to give everyone in this country a chance & rdquor ;.

“Our work begins with bringing Covid under control (…) On Monday I will appoint a group of scientists and experts as transition advisers to turn the Biden-Harris plan into an action map that begins on January 20, 2021. The plan it will be built on a foundation of science, with compassion, empathy and concern. I will spare no effort, or commitment, to turn this pandemic around & rdquor ;.

“I ran as a proud democrat, now I will be an American president. I will work as hard for those who did not vote for me as I will work for those who did.

“Let’s make this bleak era of demonization in America begin to end: here and now. … If we can decide not to cooperate then we can decide to cooperate. And I think that’s part of the mandate of the American people: they want us to cooperate. the choice that I will take. And I ask Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, to make that decision with me. “

“We must restore the soul of America. Our nation has been shaped by the constant battle between our best angels and our darkest impulses. It’s time for our best angels to prevail & rdquor ;.

“Everybody is watching. I believe that our best America is a beacon to the world. And we lead not by the example of our power, but by the power of our example. I believe in the possibility of this country. We always look ahead & rdquor ;.



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