2020 Formula-1 Turkish Grand Prix, time trial

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In cloudy, overcast weather, with asphalt temperatures of 13 degrees and air temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius, this year’s fourteenth time trial training began in Istanbul Park at the 2020 Formula One Turkish Grand Prix. Based on the results of the third free practice, it was still not possible to decide who was the favorite on the field, but the red bull Max Verstappen managed to adapt well to the slippery, difficult conditions.

A Q1prior to, a stray dog ​​was the first to step on the wet asphalt strip. Luckily, the animal was driven off the track in time, so the qualification started in time, at the beginning of which everyone drove out of the box due to the rain starting again. The riders started the first measured laps with a rather mixed attitude, as the proportions of intermediate and all-rain tires were completely mixed.

After the first attempts, users of blue sidewall tires designed for wetter conditions were preferred: Valtteri Bottas took the lead with Mercedes, ahead of Esteban Ocon’s Renault and Lance Stroll Racing Point – the latter on the green sidewall temporary rain tires.

In the middle of Q1, the heavenly blessing was shaken even more seriously, as evidenced by images and radio reports. 6 minutes and 56 seconds before the section was knocked down, the roundabout was interrupted by a red flag due to deteriorating conditions.

After nearly three-quarters of an hour of forced rest and improved weather, the race resumed. Everyone voted for the full rain tires and drove out onto the track, although Kimi Räikkönen still spun with the Alfa Romeo. There were 3 and a half minutes left when Romain Grosjean buried the Haas car in the gravel bed, causing another red flag period.

After saving, everyone was left with an option in Q1. At the time, Ferraris Charles Leclerc, Grosjean, Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) and the two Williams were in the knockout, but Verstappen was also in danger with his 15th place finish. Many improved, but in the end the two Haas, Danyiil Kvjat and the two Williams, did not get any further. Nicholas Latifi also dug himself in the gravel bed at the end.

An investigation is still expected after the timer, as many have improved under their yellow flag at their best lap times.

A Q2 it started very interestingly with Latifi’s car still being transported in full swing by a tractor, creating a dangerous situation.

As for the choice of tire, tactics began: the two McLaren drove out of the box on temporary rain tires, while the others were still trying to be fast on the rain tires. Red Bull and Racing Point cars seemed to be the fastest on the wet asphalt, while Ferraris suffered.

Conditions continued to improve, but McLaren’s choice of temporary rain tires proved premature at the time, even switching back to rain tires. Towards the end of training, Verstappen was in the lead, but Ferraris and McLaren were constantly struggling to advance while Räikkönen excelled.

Lap times improved until the last minute, but two McLaren, two Ferrari and Gasly did not make it to Q3, compared to two Alfa Romeos, two Red Bulls, two Mercedes, two Renault and two Racing Pointtal.

A Q3-as for the first races Ocon and Racing Point Sergio Perez had already run out with the intermediate tires, the former risk not coming in at first, but Perez took the lead after his first lap. Although Verstappen was in the absolute fastest lap, seeing his time in Mexico, the Dutch received fresh temporary rain tires from Red Bull. His example was followed by several people from the field.

Eventually, Lance Stroll was best able to adapt to ever-changing circumstances, taking the first pole position in his F1 career. Racing Point’s great result was completed by Perez’s third place, only Verstappen was able to separate the pink cars. Alexander Albon finished fourth with the other Red Bull, ahead of Daniel Ricciardo’s Renault. Lewis Hamilton was only sixth with Mercedes and Valtteri Bottas could only start from ninth. Ocon finally drove the seventh fastest time, finishing in 8th and 10th place with two Alfa Romeo Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi.

The 2020 Formula One Turkish Grand Prix starts at 11:10 a.m. Hungarian time on Sunday.

Image source (s): Getty Images



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