Halfway through, Norris was also in the box, able to return to Perez, who was threatening his position.

Perez and Sainz also swapped wheels, probably for the first and last time in the race – provided it doesn’t rain…

Leclerc had already been in the box, so he easily overtook Gasly, who was driving on the tires he had used since the start.

The incoming Hülkenberg race has been great so far, with the German just in 9th place. Hamilton, meanwhile, increased his lead over Verstappen by 4 seconds.

Albon was given a 5-second penalty, but at that moment he also dropped out of the race, his car was pushed into the garage. It is not yet known why.

Albon drove in a slightly amok way, he also got into a fight with the other AlphaTauri, Gasly. The Frenchman watched so the two riders did not collide.

Meanwhile, Ocon also had a technical error, and the Renault driver gave up the race.

Räikkönen received a 10-second penalty in the 323rd F1 race due to the Russell incident.

The order was a bit confusing, the position of the scorers: Hamilton, Verstappen, Norris, Perez, Ocon, Sainz, Ricciardo, Gasly, Albon, Leclerc.

Bottas got out of his car, due to a technical fault, the Mercedes gave up the race. Meanwhile, a yellow flag was constantly waving in the finish line due to the debris caused by this incident:

The race was getting more and more chaotic, the power went out of Bottas’ car and slowed down, Albon and Kvjat collided, the Russian’s first wing lay in the finish line.

The virtual safety car zone soon came to an end, only Hamilton and Verstappen could make the most of the time-saving opportunity with a wheel change, Ricciardo had already lost on the boxing stand.

After his wheel change, Bottas began to recoil, passing Ricciardo to come up in third place.

A virtual security car zone came into effect to save Russell’s car.

Russell also dropped out, and Verstappen reported increasing rain from the end of the field.

Previous replacement at the forefront:

Events are happening: Russell got a big blow from Räikkönen, Williams ’left rear wheel became punctured from the big flight.

Change at the forefront! Bottas braked his tires very badly, and Hamilton took advantage of the serious mistake and walked past the Finn. Verstappen also caught up with him, but failed to overtake him immediately. Bottas also went out to change a wheel at the end of the lap, getting medium ones.

Ferrari’s four-time world champion switched to hard tires after a previous mistake, continuing in 18th place at the Eifel Grand Prix with Vettel.

Leclerc switched from soft to medium, and several people changed tires while Vettel spun crosswise at the end of the finish line, completely braking his tires.

Perez and Norris also struggled for sixth place in the first corners, but the British retained the more upscale position.

Ricciardo took a different approach this time, starting the series of maneuvers from an outside arc with which he threaded himself through Leclerc. The Australian came up in fourth place with a disadvantage of 17 seconds compared to the third Verstappen.

Albon soon found his first wheel change as Ricciardo tried in vain to overtake again. Sainz, meanwhile, received information that could reach the track within minutes of a light shower.

Grosjean complained that a pebble whipped by Räikkönen’s car flew his finger with such force that it could have been broken. It was audible in his voice that it hurt him a lot.

Ricciardo tried to overtake Leclerc at the end of the finish line, but Monaco defended the attack for the first time.

Position of scorers: Bottas, Hamilton, Verstappen, Leclerc, Ricciardo, Albon, Norris, Perez, Ocon, Sainz.

Leclerc’s podium chances didn’t look too good, he had to pay attention to Ricciardo, who came right behind him.

The replays revealed that Vettel had moved at the start.

Bottas built a 1.5-second lead over Hamilton, followed by Verstappen 1 second behind, apparently without any effort.

Hamilton bounced better after the red lights went out, but in successive turns, Bottas returned to the lead and stepped away from the British. The order behind them didn’t change either, but Ricciardo came up in fifth place.