2020 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix, 2nd free practice

Now, under the lights of the spotlights, with an air temperature of 26 degrees and the same asphalt temperature, the second free practice of the 2020 Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix on the Sahir track has begun in dry conditions.

In the first 15-20 minutes, the teams tested the Pirelli 2021 prototypes, similar to the first training session, each rider had to complete at least six laps on the unmarked tires.

Subsequently, the substantive preparations began, but it did not take long, as at the half, Red Bull’s Alex Albon made a little mistake, with very big consequences: the British-Thai pilot, like others, took the straight-line expender wide, where the dusty the tail of the car broke out on concrete, then it hit the railing, the rubber wall, with great force.

Albon had no trouble walking away on his own, but he broke down the entire right side of the RB16. So far, it seemed clear that he would be sent away from the team at the end of the year, but with this accident, he put another argument in Red Bull’s hands to justify the decision.

The round-up resumed after a tight quarter-hour of cleaning, but again immediately – after 27 seconds – the red flag came up as a dog ran into the track, everyone could drive back to the pit lane. Sebastian Vettel, who was noticeably more liberated after the Istanbul podium, sang on the team radio the Baha Men “Who let the dogs out?” (who let the dogs out?).

In the remaining 25 minutes, nothing extraordinary happened – the fact that the chaotic Romain Grosjean scolded the car for a whistle, as usual – everyone tried to go through their qualifying simulation.

The fastest was eventually Mercedes Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, but unlike the afternoon training, it was not his teammate Valtteri Bottas but the fast Max Verstappen in the entire training session with Red Bull, 347 Colonels behind. The Finn was minimally behind the Dutch in 3rd place.

Sergio Perez of Racing Point, Daniel Ricciardo of Renault and Pierre Gasly of alphatauris also brought measurable pace to Verstappene and Bottase.

In the second half of the top 10, alongside McLarenes Lando Norris, teammates Verstappen, Perez and Ricciardo closed.

Ferrari did not flash, Sebastian Vettel was 12th, Charles Leclerc was also 14th behind him.

The last free practice of the Bahrain Grand Prix starts on Saturday – Central European Time – at 12 o’clock, time trial training at 15 o’clock.

F1: Red Bull broke into training 3 in training

Image source (s): Formula1.com



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