20 years ago the film with Monica Bellucci was released, too sexy for the USA where it was abruptly censored

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On 27 October 2000 Malèna, the film by Giuseppe Tornatore with Monica Bellucci, arrived at the cinema, which suffered drastic cuts in censorship to be able to go to American cinemas.

Monica Bellucci she turned 56 last September 30th and there’s not much to add to the fact that she was, is and will be a beautiful woman at any age. Giuseppe Tornatore he captured her femininity when she was 36, thinking of her for the role of a woman who ends up paying the price for her beauty.
Malena was released at the cinema on October 27, 2000, going to immortalize on the screen that divine creature that is the Bellucci, through the gaze of a thirteen-year-old, and nodding to us men who are all preteens in front of the woman we want. Beauty is poetry, art, awakening of the senses, second Tornatore, and it is a condemnation in Sicily in the 40s with the Second World War in progress. There is no place for Malena in an antiquated patriarchal society that sees and wants women in two ways, saints or whores.

Malèna: 20 years later, the US version of the film remains censored

Apart from the character of Malena around which the story revolves, the film tells the shocking experience of little Renato, played by the then 16-year-old Giuseppe Sulfaro, who discovers how extensive the universe of female sensuality is and then how small the universe of human sensitivity of the adults around him is. The actor had stated that he had never seen a fully naked woman live and that his first time was with Monica Bellucci sul set.
Giuseppe Tornatore makes his character take flight who runs with the imagination, kidnapped by the first sexual instincts and seduced by such great beauty, but what you see on the screen was too much for the American audience. After the purchase of the film by the Miramax, brothers Bob e Harvey Weinstein they decided to intervene by brutally cutting the most explicit scenes in order to get down to the ban R (admission forbidden to unaccompanied minors under 17), otherwise the film would have been distributed in theaters with the ban NC-17 (no entry to minors under 17 years old).

Malena won two nominations for the Oscar, for the best photograph of Lajos Koltai and the soundtrack of Ennio Morricone. Neither of them won, but it becomes legitimate to ask whether the cuts suffered by the film, aimed at pandering to US censorship, for a total of 16 minutes which reduced the duration of the film from 118 ‘to 92’, did not even undermine the outcome of the awards season.
That there has been an artistic mutilation is beyond question. 16 minutes less of music Morricone, of photography by Koltai, of stage presence of Monica Bellucci, directed by Tornatore and, above all, according to a criterion that was not the one at the origin of the work. To date, if an American wants to see the full Italian version, he must buy the DVD abroad.

Monica Bellucci is ready to pass the baton to her daughter Deva

She wasn’t born yet Deva When Malena he went out to the cinema. The daughter of Monica and her ex-husband Vincent Cassel she is ready to follow in her mother’s footsteps if genetics is not an opinion. There Bellucci has always walked smoothly on the thread of two careers, actress and model, and at the moment the 16-year-old Deva (born September 12, 2004) is looking after the latter. Last year he shot a commercial for Dolce & Gabbana, while his first cover for the French magazine is a week ago She (as she shared herself on her Instagram account, below).


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