Jukurit reported 17 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday.

On Monday, Jukurit said three players on the club’s A-junior team had been diagnosed with the infection. According to information on Tuesday, all new infections will be related not only to the A-juniors but also to the league team.

Essote, the consortium of social and health services in Etelä-Savo, announced on Tuesday that a total of 20 corona infections had been found in the area on Monday and Tuesday, all of which were related to the Jukuri organization.

– Asymptomatic, those infected have exposed the entire Jukuri League League on Monday, which has been quarantined for 14 days today. The team includes all players, maintenance staff, coaches and team management. In addition, a few coaches of Jukuri’s junior teams have been quarantined who have been in a joint training session with one who was still asymptomatic at the time, Jukurit said.

Jukurit canceled his league team practice match, which was scheduled to be played on September 17th. Against KooKoota. Two matches of the A-youth team have been canceled.

The Hockey League is scheduled to begin on the first day of October. According to the program, the first match of the jurors is on October 2.