Donald Trumpilla is a breathtaking pace with two full days left until the election campaign. The president is scheduled to lift the lives of his supporters on Sunday in Washington, Michigan, Dubuque (Iowa), Hickory (North Carolina), Rome (Georgia) and Miami (Florida).

The pace will not slow down even on the eve of election day. For Monday, five locations in the Libyan states have been drawn on the calendar: Fayetteville (North Carolina), Scranton (Pennsylvania), Traverse City (Michigan), Kenosha (Wisconsin), Grand Rapids (Michigan).

Trump’s slim chances of winning rely solely on keeping the Midwest Republican red. The last sitting president has lost the election in 1992, when George Bush the parent had to pack his stuff from the White House.

Trump’s campaign train ends in Grand Rapids, which is certainly no coincidence, as the closing ceremony of the victorious election year 2016 was also celebrated there.

– I don’t understand how we can still be level. This can’t happen to anyone but me, Trump joked about the poll situation Joe Biden alongside.

Biden leads

Of course, the fact-checkers should also have flagged that claim, because it is not a tie but a supportive Biden management. For example ABC channel in a poll, Biden’s leadership in Pennsylvania to seven percentage points.

Siena colleagues according to the research institute, Trump’s loss has already been confirmed in Wisconsin. In Arizona, Biden’s leadership is also supportive by six percentage points, and Florida would also be turning to Democrats (47-44).

All four states supported Trump in the 2016 election, and their survival behind Republicans is actually the only seam of the incumbent president to continue in the White House.

Several of Trump’s party colleagues have already given up the fight mentally. Namely, more than 90 million votes have already been cast in the election, which is expected to give Biden a strong lead even before the actual election day.

Guns raised

The tension of the election is also beginning to show in the behavior of supporters. In Texas, Biden’s election ceremony was canceled when a bus carrying participants was blocked from moving on the freeway.

Police were also called to the scene, as some of those involved in the harassment of the bus had an automatic weapon with them.

– Instead of Trump’s supporters agreeing to a constructive debate on the views of their candidate and Joe Biden, today they decided to put our election workers at risk, Tariq Thowfeek said.

President Trump’s comment on Twitter was a good illustration of his attitude.

– I love Texas.