162 fans in South Korea will be compensated for Ronaldo’s absence in exhibition game

South Korean match promoter The Fasta has to compensate 162 fans because it failed to deliver on its promise to see Cristiano Ronaldo in action. The Juventus forward remained on the bench in July last year, to the anger of 65,000 South Korean fans, during a match against a star team of the K-League (3-3).

A judge in Seoul ruled that The Fasta thereby “violated contractual obligations, despite unforeseen circumstances”. He spoke of “emotional distress” for the fans who came to the stadium especially for Ronaldo.

The Fasta has to reimburse 162 prosecutors half of the ticket price, plus an additional fee of approximately 37 euros. Tickets were sold out within minutes and prices ranged between 22 euros and 300 euros.

The South Korean league K-League accused Juventus of “deception” and demanded an apology. The Italian top club did a promotional tour and flew to South Korea on a delayed flight. As a result, the kick-off of the game was postponed for an hour.

In February, two South Korean fans were already ruled in favor by a judge in the same case. The judge then ruled that The Fasta had to pay compensation to both fans of 371,000 (more than 280 euros).



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