KalPa announced on Monday that 13 players from the team will be quarantined due to Korona exposure.

At the same time, Kärpät announced that another corona infection had been found in the Oulu team, which is why the Pohjois-Savo Hospital District quarantined KalPa players.

The first corona infection of the flies appeared last Friday, in the middle of a KalPa match.

– We started to find out what this thing means for us, KalPa’s CEO Toni Saksman tells Iltalehti.

On Monday, after the exposure information, KalPa began to investigate their situation and provided the authorities with the information they needed.

With the exposure information, the match transfers entered the picture.

– I haven’t had time to stop here. That way, this is easy when we don’t have to decide things, but there are authorities for that, Saksman says.

According to Saksman, exposed players go to corona tests, but not right from the beginning of the week.

– Not exactly gone through, by no means the beginning of the week yet. It is probably not yet the best time for that. Let’s take a look at it.

Saksman thinks no other team will be tested.

– We have always had the fact that if there is the slightest symptom, then the whole autumn has been tested at a really low level. Probably close to a hundred tests done during the season. However, it does not tell much about the future, but about that moment. The most important thing is probably that we monitor our symptoms all the time and have low-threshold tests, Saksman explains.

Why was the HPK match not postponed?

Hockey followers have wondered on social media, for example, why the entire KalPan team is not quarantined.

Exposed players who, however, have been in the same exchange box and locker room with the rest of the team.

– It is a decision of an infectious disease doctor in the Kuopio area. They have power in this matter, not us. They tell you what needs to be done and then let us know. We will follow their decisions. It had utilized smart hockey data, of course we provided that information for use when requested. From there, they have watched exposure times and encounters, Saksman replies.

– Then it is exposure exposure and on that basis people are not quarantined in Finland.

After Friday’s Kärpät match, KalPa traveled to Hämeenlinna the next day and played against HPK.

According to Saksman, the authorities made a decision as to why the HPK match was not postponed, even for certainty.

– It was a different situation at that stage, and there were infectious doctors in both regions (Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District and KYS) who felt that it was not necessary. This is where the situation has changed since the second incident came. He was playing, and there was no information about it at that point.

Not enough players

KalPa had to postpone the next three matches because the people of Kuopio do not have enough players in their ranks.

Helsinki’s IFK has had 13 players at the same time at the worst recently, but the people of Helsinki have still been able to get four chains together.

According to Saksmann, when comparing the situations of KalPa and HIFK, it is good to remember the number of HIFK loan players.

– Helsinki IFK has taken on quite a few loan players in the meantime. In the league, when it comes to protecting athletes, we can’t take action from the outside for the next day right away, but it has a five-day waiting period if you move from another team.

– We have no chance of getting the full lineup for this week, even in three fields. If we took it from the outside, we would risk the other team and opponents when we didn’t have time to test and get results, Saksman continues.

KalPallek’s situation is very special. There was an additional challenge in planning the exercises.

– We care about tomorrow and expect that the results of the rest of the group will be received in Oulu. If there are no new cases, then for the rest of the week we will also be organizing activities for players who are out of lineup, as the games will start immediately after this clip.

– Athletes need to take care of their condition if they are healthy. Quarantined players train on their own if they are healthy.