100% Wolf, story and characters from the movie with the voices of Ninna, Matti and Captain Blazer

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The 100% Lupo animated film, presented to Alice nella Città, comes from the Ape Maia team and features the YouTubers Ninna & Matti and Captain Blazer among the Italian voices.

100% Wolf is the title of the animation film which also includes the youtuber Ninna & Matti e Captain Blazer: the film was presented at Alice in the City, an event parallel to the Rome Film Fest. Out October 29 in time for Halloween, Alexs Stadermann’s feature film mixes various classic suggestions from the world of cartoons with some transformations, borrowed from fantastic genre cinema. Let’s investigate together.

100% Wolf, the plot of the Australian animated film

100% wolf reworks the legend of the werewolves, in a fairytale key for kids: the protagonist of the story is Freddy Lupine, a boy who as a child saw his father die, during one of the many nocturnal forays into the world of humans (to do good though!). One step away from coming of age, Freddy should now transform for the first time, finally inheriting his role as community leader, also coveted by his uncle, distrustful of humans and hated dogs. Surprise: Freddy turns into a poodle! Accused of being cursed and unsuitable for leadership, Freddy escapes the family residence, becoming a stray: he will bond with a dog and with other four-legged friends, but fate has several surprises in store for him …

100% Wolf, here are the characters voiced by Ninna & Matti and Captain Blazer

As also happens for the big Disney distributions, some talents have been called to promote 100% Wolf, getting the voice acting of minor characters, testing their vocal skills. In this case, we are talking about very young people youtuber who are already used to playing with their voice and their presence. Ninna & Matti play Harriet & Chariot, Freddy’s cousins: addicted to smartphones and social media, she, bad boy him, certainly will not help the frightened Freddy who has become a poodle, on the contrary they will paint his fur pink and prevent him from re-transforming! Captain Blazer instead it is the massive Bruno, one of the dogs that Freddy meets at the kennel: like Groot of the Guardians of the Galaxy, he pronounces only one concept, the one that excites him the most. “Ball!”

100% Wolf, who are the makers of the cartoon about werewolves

100% Lupo was directed by Alexs Stadermann, former effects animator for the fu Walt Disney Television Animation Australia, where he collaborated on Traveling with Goofy and The Lion King II – Simba’s Journey. Stadermann went on to become director for Flying Bark Productions, where he directed the cinematic reboot of the Maya the Bee with Maya the Bee – The movie (2014) e Maya the Bee – The Honey Olympics (2018). Although the team behind the creation of the film is always that of his previous works, this time Stadermann directed animations made by the studio ReDefine, also active on the visual effects of live productions: it is an international reality, which in various locations gathers professionals from all over the world, including Vancouver, Montreal, Mumbai and Hyderabad.
The sources of inspiration of 100% Lupo, as well as the tradition of Disney’s dog epic from Lady and the Tramp a Oliver & Company, seem to be in the light reworking of the horror / fantastic thrills with metamorphosis, as happened in the analogous recent animated production Bigfoot Junior (2017), by another veteran of non-Hollywood animation, Belgian Ben Stassen. In the wild and over-the-top acting of some 100% Lupo villains, which we do not reveal, there is also something of Genndy Tartakovksy’s work in the Hotel Transylvania.


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