Carsharing seems like a big city fad to share cars without having to worry about parking or insurance, while reducing emissions and improving air quality. But actually, in much more than that.

With the VIVe project, carsharing has been shared in a simple way so that electric mobility is not a fad from the big city and reach all the corners and towns of Spain. Thus, the objective is to make the possibility of shared and smoke-free transport more accessible to residents of small rural realities as a further step in the fight against pollution but also against rural depopulation, by matching the services of these small municipalities with those of the big capitals.

Hand in hand with this project, Hyundai has installed a carsharing service with the new electric Kona in the town of La Hiruela, in La Sierra de Madrid. The 70 inhabitants who are registered in this small town considered a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco can now enjoy this SUV for their daily trips and journeys.

With this initiative it is possible to respect a natural area of ​​the Sierra Norte de Madrid while improving mobility capacity of the inhabitants of these small towns to which, unfortunately, many times public transport does not even reach or does not do so regularly enough. Keeping the small rural areas of Spain connected is a great mechanism to fight depopulation.

After the initial success of this first campaign in La Hiruela, now Hyundai is going to extend this project throughout the Spanish villages and 10 localities have already decided to join this initiative and that number is expected to rise to 40 in the coming months.