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In a funny video for the American edition of GQ magazine, Daniel Riccardo listed ten things he can’t do without. The text does not convey all the nuances and intonations, because the Australian nicknamed “The Honey Badger” is a great artist, but the essence remains the same.

Daniel Riccardo: “Hi, here are the ten things I think are the most important.

Party shirts. I always have at least one such shirt with me, because it is suitable for a wedding and for any special events, although they do not have to be as crazy in color as I am wearing now.

They can be of any shape, size, color, but it is clear that I have a whole collection of such shirts. I confess this is my weakness.

Personal diary. The ones I use have my initials DR. One such diary is enough for me for 18 months. Usually I don’t plan anything, I just take a diary and write something down there. These notes may be about my career, about my races, about whether it is possible to achieve the goals that I set for myself, but there may also be just reflections on life.

You understand, you don’t always want to be frank with others, but you can write down everything in a diary, and here I can be completely honest with myself. Maybe I’ll write a book someday! When everything is over, then I will honestly tell you what I think about all this!

Classic iPod 80 GB. Now it is almost an antique thing, but it has been with me for probably fifteen years. I won’t even say exactly. Here I have playlists that were compiled ten years ago, perhaps even in those days when I just moved to Europe in pursuit of my dream, because I wanted to become a professional racer.

So, of course, he keeps a lot of my musical memories. Now I don’t even want to risk it and don’t connect it to my laptop, what if something gets erased. So I just charge the battery periodically and listen to what I have there. But I think there are at least 5 or 6 thousand songs in it.

Headphones. It’s impossible to listen to an iPod without them, and I have a special headset made by Beats for my order: they are decorated in the same style as my helmet. They also have number 3, under which I compete in Formula 1. By the way, I even have a tattoo with my racing number. Not that I’m superstitious, but for me it’s kind of a lucky number, I like it.

It’s rare to be alone with yourself before a race, but my headphones are a way of privacy. Usually I turn on something rhythmic, it helps to relax and prepare, and if, for example, the qualification is not going well, then I start something more aggressive and imagine how I break through the peloton.

If I start closer to pole, then I want to stay calm and collected, and then I can play some cheerful House style music, like the one that sounds at summer festivals.

Cologne. We have to participate in all sorts of events, we go to parties, but we have to sweat while driving, so we can’t go without cologne. Even during long flights, you get the feeling that you are already stale, and then a good cologne helps you out.

Travel pillow. The neck muscles are the most important for riders, as the neck is very stressed by the helmet. Not all hotels where we stay have good pillows. But my personal pillow, which I carry with me all year, provides a kind of stability and protects my neck overall.

Vitamins. We travel so much, visit different continents, in different places, there are different air temperatures, different pressures – however, I don’t know much about this. But we are very prone to all sorts of ailments, so good vitamins are very helpful in supporting immunity.

It happens that I feel that I am about to get sick, and I already know that I will wake up not quite healthy in the morning, because the body gives alarming signals. And that’s when vitamins save me!

Go-Pro camera. Since childhood, I have been carrying a camera with me, for me this is very important, because I like to record everything on video. For example, if I ride a BMX motocross bike or indulge in some prank, I always want to take it off.

Of course, the easiest way to do this is to use a phone, but I prefer good quality, so that later you can enlarge the picture and view it on the big screen. We travel a lot, and I want to see more of everything, and I record everything that I see on such a camera.

Mask. Unfortunately, in 2020 you have to wear a mask. This is how the world we live in has become, but I hope it will be so only this year. This particular mask was given to me by a friend of mine in London; this company produces masks of various shapes, colors and sizes. But, in my opinion, I have the brightest and most catchy.

Here comes "You know"that Daniel is talking about! XPB Photos

My racing helmet. Actually, this is the most valuable thing I have. For us riders, the helmet is something very personal. When choosing a helmet design, we can do whatever we want, and many riders are recognized by the helmet. In 2020 I use this helmet, my nickname is “Honey Badger”, so a special small logo is drawn on the back of its head. Let people know who they are dealing with! “



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